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"Made in Germany"
You can use our sealant to seal and improve the substrate.

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Areas of application

Floors from flexi-floor offer almost endless possibilities for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to their high-quality workmanship and robustness, the floors are predestined for use in horse stables and pasture huts.
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Pleasant & safe walking
Robust & insulating

Due to the completely dyed base material, our floor coverings are colour-stable, as there can be no abrasion of a superficially applied colour coating.

Special colours available from 400 sqm (logos can also be applied).

All floor coverings are absolutely frost-proof, UV-resistant and weatherproof

Our floors are sound and heat insulating

Our floors are also particularly suitable for heavy use

The standard versions of our floor coverings are water-permeable

Water-impermeable floor coverings are also available on request, as well as chlorine or oil-resistant versions

Other resistances on request

Easy & fast installation

Easy and quick installation thanks to tongue & groove or jigsaw joint systems

On even subfloors, 10m² can be laid in just 10 minutes

The floor coverings can be easily cut to size using a cutter knife, jigsaw (serrated blade!) or foxtail saw

Easy cleaning
Any household cleaning agent can be used without hesitation. For more stubborn stains, e.g. in garages or outdoors, cleaning can be done with a high-pressure cleaner. If used properly, the floor will neither lose its colour intensity nor will the surface be damaged.